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Blueprint Health

"“In healthcare technology, words matter. I have struggled in the past to find content writers and strategists who can generate technically correct, SEO-informed clinical content while at the same time having a finger on the pulse of our field and its key stakeholders (clients, therapists/providers, and executives). Megan is the best of both worlds - she knows what resonates with the clinical community and can execute a content marketing strategy like a seasoned professional. Working with Megan has been instrumental in helping me and my organization deliver high-quality, thoughtful content and build a best-in-class reputation in our area of business.”

Dr. Russell Dubois,

Blueprint Health

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“Megan has been instrumental in the production of key projects I'm working on. She is an excellent collaborator providing actionable feedback and bringing a diverse perspective to ensure all voices are heard. She is a great communicator providing real-time updates and setting expectations for deadlines and project milestones. She is truly an expert in her domain both in the clinical space and marketing mental health tech space. The projects I'm working on would not be possible without Megan's expertise. Not to mention - she is kind, understanding, and professional, making it so easy to work with her!”

Jennifer Eugenio 

Campaign Manager, Alma

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Praxis CET

“Megan was great to work with. We needed a writer who understands the world of mental health professionals and treatment modalities while also using conversion copywriting methods to effectively bring in sales. Megan checks all those boxes. During her time with us, she brought a fresh approach to our brand’s voice and wrote a long-form sales page that resulted in a conversion rate of over 9% for one of our premium on-demand continuing education courses. Any company looking to combine effective sales copywriting with mental health expertise would be lucky to work with her!"

Carrie LeSage

Director of Marketing, Praxis Continuing Education & Training

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